Marriage Lottery 1 Hope and Mathew

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Marriage Lottery 1 Hope and Mathew

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Five men. Six women. One little girl named Faith. In a world where men outnumber women a dozen to one, he'd never get those odds again.

Hope Delaware has lost just about everything. Her husband Marcus dies suddenly, leaving her to raise their four year-old daughter Faith alone. When she's attacked by a bear and barely escapes with her life, she makes a bold decision: to enter her name in the marriage lottery on Lottery Day.

Mathew Dearborn has been waiting for Nora Benton for what seems like forever. On the day Nora finally enters her name into the marriage lottery, Gus Lane draws it out. Every plan Mathew has made over the last seven years falls apart and withers away to dust. Nora is with Gus. The only bright light in his day is four year-old Faith, a beacon of light if ever there was one. But Hope is more than a mountain man's daughter and Marcus Delaware's widow; she's a force to be reckoned with.

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