Marriage Lottery 3 Marissa and Ryan

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Marriage Lottery 3 Marissa and Ryan

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Thirty men. Nine women. A Brennan. A cure.

Marissa Morgan has spent most of her life being poked and prodded by doctors, so it isn't exactly a surprise when prominent Dr. Kane Larson asks her to the lottery. That doesn't mean she wants to marry a man twice her age. She flees three hundred miles north to the little town of Riverton where she happens to be on Lottery Day.

Ryan Brennan is still recovering from the murder of his uncle, aunt, and cousin when he seeks solace at his cabin in the small town of Riverton. He has no intention of entering the lottery, but the gorgeous brunette he bumps into does. Before he knows it he's entering the lottery under an assumed name and praying once she discovers who he is she'll keep him anyway.

Two people with secrets and a man intent on destroying the world. Marriage is hard enough for a Brennanmen, but add a psychotic scientist and it becomes a nightmare.