Marriage Lottery 3: Marissa and Ryan by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

Marissa Morgan has sacrificed a lot for her parents and the welfare of the people of San Francisco. Too much, in fact. But marrying Kane Larson is too much for anyone to expect. She flees three hundred miles north to the little town of Riverton where she happens to be on Lottery Day.

Ryan Brennan has no intention of getting married. Being the son of a famous Brennanmen has its disadvantages. On his time off, he buys a cabin in the small town of Riverton and seeks solace. On Lottery Day he just happens to be in town shopping when he sees a gorgeous brunette.

What starts as a lark, a chance encounter, becomes much more as Ryan and Marissa sign up for the lottery and get hitched. But trouble comes when Marissa learns Ryan's real last name: Brennan.