Marriage Lottery 5: Megan and Morgan by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

Nineteen men. Eleven women. One land baron.

Every week for a year, Megan O'Mara has mailed a letter to Grant Holdings in San Francisco about the land at the base of Berner's Mountain. Megan needs that land if she is to fulfill her father's dream. When no reply ever comes, she enters the lottery, hoping to marry wealthy and acquire the money to buy the land outright. Those hopes are dashed when Morgan O'Malley picks her name. He lives in a ramshackle cabin at the top of Berner's Mountain with no indoor plumbing and an outhouse. And yet with each passing week she finds herself enjoying his company more and more.

Morgan O'Malley arrives in Bakerstown with a plan. That plan starts with Megan O'Mara. He makes himself look as pathetic as possible and adopts a mutt who looks even more pathetic. In three months he'll go back home to San Francisco and take half her land. But marrying Megan is not what he thought it would be. For a woman he has no interest in, he finds himself becoming very attached to Megan and that can only mean trouble when she finds out the truth.