Marriage Lottery 7: Shannon and Brian by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

Twelve men. Seven women. Four siblings.

Orphaned at seventeen, Shannon O’Shaughnessy takes on the burden of caring for her four younger siblings. When Lottery Day comes, she faces another burden, how to conceal the fact that any man marrying her would also be taking on the responsibility of her four siblings. So she does what any sensible young woman would do–she packs up the kids and rides two hundred miles away from home for Lottery Day and hides her siblings in the local hotel. But a case of mistaken identity proves disastrous when the hotel manager tells her to choose the handsomest brunette there, Gabriel Blake. The handsomest brunette turns out to be Brian Bannon, her new husband.

Brian is quiet and reserved. He’s been living in his great big farmhouse for three years all alone. When he’s finally ready to share the house with another person, a wife, he shows up at Lottery Day. But fate takes a disastrous turn when the cute little blonde with the freckled nose and blue eyes has something special waiting for him at the hotel, four kids! The lottery rules say nothing about siblings, so try as he might, he can’t shake the stubborn girl and the magistrate is helping her.