Marriage Lottery 8: Maggie and Cooper by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

Fifteen years ago, five year-old Maggie Dawkins was orphaned. In the middle of the night, strange men took her from the McBrides, the family she was staying with, and left her at Bethany Goodall's School for Orphaned Children. For years she waited for them to come and rescue her. Then she gave up. When Cooper McBride comes to the school and asks her to put her name in the Mayberry Marriage Lottery she says no. But her four best friends are all going, leaving Maggie with a painful choice: be alone again or take a chance on the lottery.

Cooper McBride has patiently waited for fifteen years. The children at Bethany Goodall's school have no idea what's really going on in their school, including his beloved Magpie. A chance encounter with the magistrate reveals that his name will be chosen first in the Marriage Lottery. Risking everything, he rides to the school and asks Maggie to put her name in the Mayberry lottery.

Two children who never should've been separated are about to become a family. But with every choice comes the responsibility for its outcome. And the next choice they make will determine the futures of thirty-two orphaned children.