Marriage Lottery 9: Annabel and Brady by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

Annabel McCoy has been waiting to marry Brady Dillon for three long years. Until finally she comes right out and asks him to come with her to Lottery Day. When he takes off on another one of his trips days before the lottery and doesn't come back, she puts her name in anyway, starting a disastrous cascade of events that will change her life forever.

Brady Dillon has been in love with Annabel McCoy since the day he met her three years ago. All he needs to make their future perfect is one more year. So when he doesn't go to Lottery Day with her, he knows she'll be angry, but she'll wait. Because she loves him too. His world is shattered when he comes home the week after lottery and discovers Annabel is married and she seems to be happy to boot. For the next year, Brady will jump one hurdle after another to be with Annabel, no matter what it takes or what he has to do.

People make plans. Plans change. The plans of Annabel McCoy and Brady Dillon diverge and then collide in the most surprising ways. If an unexpected pregnancy, a philandering husband named Bat, and an orphan named Coconut don't stop these two, they might just make it.