Marriage Lottery 24 Enough by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances for couples

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Marriage Lottery 24 Enough by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances for couples

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A beautiful woman with three siblings and a terrifying past. A handsome farmer with a nightmare mother.

Ivory Winchester thought she’d been through the worst thing imaginable then she moves her siblings to Fertile Plains to enter the lottery. In less than a month, her new husband Michael shares her secret with the cruelest gossip in Fertile Plains, his mother. Surviving a rape was one thing, but to have Michael’s mother gossip about it and call her indecent is more than she can stand. She immediately takes her family home and has their marriage annulled.

Michael Connor wins the lottery and marries the most beautiful woman there, Ivory Winchester. So she comes with siblings. He doesn’t care. Because Ivory is the kindest, most beautiful and loving woman he’s ever met. Then she tells him what happened to her in January and that she’s carrying her rapists’ child. He makes the mistake of telling his parents. Winning her back is going to take a miracle. But first, he and his family are judged by the Brennanmen for spreading malicious gossip. He’s banned from the lottery for five years and charged with cleaning a crime scene, Ivory’s house.

What starts as a Brennanmen punishment is about to bring a young couple back together again. And a town that’s seen one too many tragedies is about to say enough.