Marriage Lottery 10: Hannah and Connor by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

Hank Boyd isn’t who he appears to be. He’s really Hannah Boyd in disguise. After marrying and tossing back three husbands, her sister has made a reputation for the Boyd women that has carried down to Hank. The only way to avoid this stigma is to win the Christmas Lottery race and choose a husband for herself.

Connor Brennan is only in the Christmas Lottery race as a favor to his father Magnus, to make sure the runts don’t get hurt. Little Hank Boyd couldn’t be more than fifteen years old, six years too young for the lottery, so Connor becomes his shadow to protect the kid. But when thieves and murderers kidnap a group of competitors and start shooting, it’s little Hank who comes to the rescue.

A girl out to prove a point and a man who thinks he’s just fallen in love with another man. Two people who are more alike than they think are about to prove that love can happen anywhere, even in the middle of a dangerous horse race.